"I want to express my gratitude for your service. The rate increase I got was hurting my budget. I was half considering dropping my health insurance. I was just so upset. As a single woman in my fifties going without health insurance is a scary thought.

I felt I was paying way too much, but didn’t know what to do or who to talk with about affordable health insurance.  I couldn't get anyone to help me at Covered California, and was put on hold for hours.  

I so much appreciate Dan Kessler taking the time and guiding me through the Covered California application.  With my new plan I’ve lowered my premium and saved money. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone who needs an affordable health plan."

Leslie Stevens
Southern California

is your income above the covered california limits?

Call for free support.

top carriers in California have "off exchange plans" that are separate from covered california.

Call for free support.

​​​My team has helped thousands of people with Affordable Health Insurance and information. Best of all, our services are FREE.

We are a statewide trusted 'Partner' for Covered California (CCA). Thousands of people trust us to advise them, explain plans and benefits, and do quick applications over the phone, because they know we work for our clients - not insurance companies. 

New Applications - Call for help - Fast phone applications

Renew Your 2020 plan - Call for updates or to fix mistakes

Change Insurance Plans in 2020 - Call to change plans in 2020

Off Exchange health plans  -If income is above the CCA subsidy limits 


-   We Make Sure Your Covered California Application is done correctly

-   The Right Way to Fill Out the Application's Tax AND Financial Sections

-   How to change Family Account Information

-   Plan Selection. Benefit Explanations. Payment Options.

-   Strategies for Higher Subsidies AND Lower Premium Costs.

-   How to Receive the Maximum Subsidy for Your Age & Zip Code.

​-   FREE Year Round Help and Advice for Affordable Health Insurance.

-   "Off Exchange Plans" (For Income Above Covered California limits)





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call to find out how this benefits you.

1. Expert help to make changes, updates, change health plan, etc.

2. Help to finish new applications the correct way.

3. Help with choosing a health plan.

4. Help to fill out the financial sections the right way.

​5. Make sure you did everything correctly.

Make sure there are no mistakes on your account or application.

Make sure you are receiving the most subsidy you qualify for.

CLICK HERE to learn about designating a FREE Covered California Certified Agent to help you year-round. 

 2019 / 2020 health Plans in California  

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we make sure your health insurance California plans are done right.

Let us help you make changes to your Account.

There’s no cost or obligation for our service.

We save you time and hassle with changes or updating your information, and follow up to make sure it's done.

In many situations we go online in the “back office” of Covered California to resolve issues for you.

If you already have a Covered California plan- 
Assign us as your FREE service. We'll help you make changes

and be there year round to offer expert advice when you receive notices or requests from Covered CA or your insurance company

New Enrollment Period:   Oct 15, 2019  -  Jan 31, 2020

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is your income above the covered california limits?

"When I needed help, I was surprised when Dan Kessler called me back right away. He was friendly and understood what my problem was. He called Covered California and got my account fixed right away. He is great to work with. I recommend Dan to anyone."

                                                                               ~~ Janice B, Sonoma Co.

Click Here for More Information About Making Changes.

CoveringCA.info is on your side.

Northern CA     707-480-4850

Southern CA     424.228.4751

Statewide          424.228.4751

If your adjusted gross income is over the CCA limits, you will not qualify for a Covered California Federal Premium Subsidy. 

(Click to see the Covered California Fact Sheet page with

the income limits information.)

We make it easy to purchase a plan when you call us.

Standard "Off Exchange Plans" have short policy applications. CoveringCA.info will review with you the top "Off Exchange" health insurance plans in your area.Once you choose a plan we will easily complete the online application and then submit it directly to the insurance company.

Having an expert show you what to do can make the difference between a smooth and easy experience with CCA or the insurance company, or problems, mistakes, and frustration.


We give you the short cuts to affordable health insurance, how to navigate the application and fill it out correctly.  We give you the best strategies to deal with Covered California. 

Did you get a rate increase?   Want a different plan next year?

Tired of long waits on hold trying to reach Covered California?

Application froze? There's a glitch? Can't fix a mistake?

The Pay Now link doesn't work?

Want a strategy for affordable health insurance?

Want to find out how you may be able to increase your subsidy?

We can help. We know how to quickly resolve problems. We listen to your concerns and give you health insurance advice by paying attention to your needs and showing the best options available.

Confused about filling out the application correctly?

-Have questions about the financial section?

-Having trouble making changes?

-Want help choosing a plan?

-Getting conflicting notices from CCA?

-Having billing issues? Other problems? What to do now? 

We specialize in helping Families and Individuals.

If you're tired of being put on hold for up to 30-40 minutes - give us a call. If you have a problem, we fix things QUICKLY for all affordable health insurance and Covered California plans. 

​We specialize in Health Insurance California plans.

Find out why thousands of people have trusted us to help

Make changes or update your Covered California Plan

Expert advice and coaching

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Family and Individual Plans.

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Plans for Income Above the Covered California Limits.

We work for you and not the insurance company. There's no cost for our consumer service. There's no obligation or sales pressure.

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Your satisfaction is our priority.

Call us to discuss your situation.

We're here to help you year round. We will save you time and headaches dealing with Covered California and your health insurance company.

Where ever you are in California, we are honored to provide help and be of service to you.

We will discuss your needs and make sure that you are taken care of with friendly and professional service.

We've helped thousands of people with affordable health insurance and Covered California plans, information, applications, and independent guidance.


- new applicationscall for quick help with affordable health insurance

- fix problems -  Year Round help with Covered California & 'Off Exchange.'

- pick a new health plan* -  call to Change your health plan in 2019*

- Off exchange plans -if over subsidy limits call for application help

- Special enrollment Period- If You Qualify (see info below)     

- free certified year round help -  NO COSTFOR OUR SERVICES

- travel insurance plans -  Click here for international travel plans

Families and individuals

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CoveringCA.info is on your side.

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"Give Dan Kessler a call about your health insurance needs. You don't get lost in endless voice mails. He actually picks up the phone and listens and solves problems. He has been the most helpful insurance agent we have ever used."  ~~ Susan Anderson, Sonoma Co

Call us to discuss your situation.

We're here to help you year round with affordable health insurance. We will save you time and headaches dealing with Covered California and your health insurance company.

Where ever you are in California, we are honored to provide help and be of service to you.

Northern CA     707-480-4850

Southern CA     424-228-4751

Statewide          424-228-4751


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*Change Your Plan for 2020

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Dan Kessler





.  ​

" I'm a busy Plumber. I don't have time to waste. I was on hold

with Covered California for hours and still could not find anyone to help me.  I called Dan Kessler and he fixed our problem within hours.  If you need help give him a call."      ~~ John F., Santa Rosa, CA


Call for free support

"We didn't qualify for a Covered California subsidy. Dan Kessler showed us the options for getting a direct health plan. We compared Kaiser to Blue Shield and settled on an affordable health insurance plan that suited our family. Dan easily did the application online for us. I'd say give him a call for anything. He's great to work with."  ~~ Tony S., San Francisco

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