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Covered CAlifornia fact sheetS

know where you stand with Covered California rules and guidelines 

Mistakes on filling out the application correctly can be costly  -  We help you get it right so you get the lowest rates

The #1 area people make mistakes is putting the 'wrong' income on the application. There are specific rules for how to calculate your income and assets. It can be different than doing taxes or other financial documents.

If a consumer enters information about taxes, income, family details, or dependents in the wrong way, it can easily calculate the wrong subsidy, and you might end up paying too much premium.

​Below is a partial list of subjects the Fact Sheets cover. Take a look at the CCA Fact Sheets that apply to you. If you have questions or want help, give us a call.

-   Financial Guidelines for Income:

    W-2 Income,​ Social Security, Investments, Stocks, Real Estate, IRA, 401K, Trusts,  

​    Rental Income, Estate Income, Disability, Unemployment Income, Bank Accounts,

    Savings Accounts, Partnerships, Corporations, Fixed Assets, etc.

-   Federal Premium Subsidy Income Limits
​-   Self-Employed 1099 income and tax status

​-   What to do if your income changes during the year

-   About Covered California Health Insurance Plans

-   Eligibility and Enrollment

-   Four Standard Benefits Levels

-   Under Age 30 Minimum Coverage Plans

-   Types of Financial Assistance

-   Penalties for Not Having Insurance

-   Special Enrollment Guidelines

-   Consumer Protection Facts​​

​-   Compare financial subsidy level increases from 2016-2017

Click below for the Covered California Fact Sheet you need


- See if you QUALIFY for help to receive a subsidy

- What you need to know in 2021

- Check out the Plan Benefits Chart for copays & benefits

( *IMPORTANT: Children up to age 19 are auto enrolled in Medi-Cal if household income falls under 266% of the Federal Poverty Limit (FPL). 

Call to find out what your options are for children.)

(*NOTE: in San Francisco County and some Bay Area counties- children in households with income under 322% of FPL are auto enrolled into the local County Children's Health Initiative Program (CHIP program). Call for details.) 

Covered California Consumer Protection Fact Sheet

- Covered California Health Insurance Plan Metal Tiers

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