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Our mission is simple - to provide excellent customer support which leaves you feeling great about how well the process went.   

~~ Dan Kessler, Certified Agent

It's easy to make us your Certified Agent on the CCA website.

AND you receive FREE year round support. 

You never wait on hold with our help. We make sure everything

is done the right way. We answer questions about your Covered California account and application, notices, or billing problems.

"I'm dedicated to your well being AND make sure a common mistake doesn't cause problems for you" - Dan Kessler

We help fix problems, and can go into the "back office" of Covered California to speak with technicians to get things done quickly.

We explain benefits and differences between insurance companies so you can make the best decision. 

designating your covered california

certified agent

We've helped thousands with california health insurance plans, applications, information, account updates, changes, and year round follow up.

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There is no cost to have one of covered California's top certified agent specialists make sure your application is done correctly 

designating your covered california

certified agent

On the website:

Under the FIND HELP Tab is a link for HELP ON DEMAND.

Dan Kessler is one of CCA's top HELP ON DEMAND Specialists.

HELP ON DEMAND was designed by CCA to offer more help to consumers that the regular #800 Reps can't offer. CCA trained their top certified agents to help people statewide.

"I make sure your application is done correctly so that you get the most premium assistance you’re eligible for. AND I'm here year round for FREE to help with updates, changes, or advice."

- Dan Kessler -

CALIFORNIA health insurance 

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