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We’re here to answer your questions, give advice, make suggestions, fix issues, and help you make the entire process as effortless as possible.

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I spent hours on hold trying to find someone to help. I was so frustrated. A friend referred me to Dan Kessler.

Dan solved my application problems quickly. His strategies and suggestions saved us over $1,100 per year on the cost for our health insurance.   

Dan went over the plans, and with his help it was easy to select the best health insurance for our family.
I would recommend anyone to call Dan Kessler and check out savings for your health insurance policy.

Debbie Wong

Southern California

We'd be honored to provide excellent customer service for your health insurance plan.

Peace of Mind

Let us help you get it done correctly.

You receive personal attention for your specific needs from a consumer based agency dedicated to customer satisfaction.

We help you avoid the costly mistakes many people make with the covered California application

WE save you time and headaches when you use our free services

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Families, individuals, college students, self employed, or if you own a small company - we have you covered!

There's absolutely no cost to use our service. 

We help you start and complete the application.

If you're in the middle of it, or finished, we double check everything to make sure it's correct.

Families and Individuals

below are some of the common issues,

problems, and concerns people have

Starting the Application

  • Confusion with the application website-  we help you.
  • Errors, glitches, or inconsistencies-  we fix them.
  • Making sure the application is done right-  we offer peace of mind.

Completing the Application

  • Did I do it right? Did I make a mistake?
  • Did I get the correct premium subsidy?
  • Do I qualify? What if don't? Who can I call?

Personal Section of the Application

  • What information to put on your application.
  • What information to leave off the application.

Website Freezes or Crashes

  • Covered California website freezes and I can't get back in.
  • Covered California website freezes and I lost my information.
  • Covered California website won't let you change information.
  • Insurance company website freezes doing your application.

Financial Section

  • How much information will the IRS check out about me?
  • Miss-checking a box- especially in the Financial Section.
  • Putting the wrong financial information on your application.
  • Putting the wrong financial information for dependents.

It's Says I'm Done But...

  • I'm getting notices to fix, change, update things.

Plan Changes and Billing Problems

  • I selected a plan but now I want to change it.
  • I'm getting different bills than what the website said.
  • I can't get through to Covered California or my Insurance Company.


  • I've faxed in my information but keep getting notices.
  • I can't get through to Covered California to check on my information.

I Want to Make Sure Everything

is Running Smoothly

  • I finished the application but want help to make sure it's right.
  • I think I did everything correct but not sure. Who can I call.
  • Who do I call for billing issues or other problems?

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