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Not happy with your current plan?

If you don't like the health plan you've had this past year, we'll help you pick a new health plan from a different health insurance company.

We've helped thousands in California with health insurance plans, information, applications and guidance. Our service is completely FREE. There are no fees or added costs to

your insurance premium.

CALL     707-480-4850

Give us a call for FREE help

with your Covered CAlifornia account and health plan.

Do you want to change plans? It's easy. We can help you select the best plan from another carrier. You have until Jan. 31st to make a change. Give us a call to discuss your best options.

If you completed your renewal, or Covered California application on your own,  you may still need help along the way. Let us be your FREE Certified Agent and assist you throughout the year.

We'll be here for you to answer questions and help with insurance company issues if they come up.  It's easy and FREE to designate us as your Covered California Certified Agent. 

Let us help you this year.

You may have unforeseen updates, or get notices about

new rules. The Covered California, website may not let you change information. You may spend hours on the phone on hold.

You might call Covered California and a rep will say your issue is fixed, but then you get notices to provide more information - as if you never called in the first place.

We work for you - not the insurance company.

People assign us as their Covered California Certified Agent

at different times.

  • When they are getting started
  • During the account set up phase and application process
  • And after purchasing their plan

If problems arise, you have comfort of mind to know we can save you time and help you avoid extra frustration if the insurance company or Covered California makes a mistake.

free Covered California help

your Insurance plan pays us

to help you for Free

Many people are lucky and never have a problem with Covered California or their insurance company.

Unfortunately, too many people do have problems after their account is done, with misleading notices and glitches, or billing issues.

One common issue people have is when their provider network suddenly shifts or changes mid-year. Their doctor or hospital stops accepting the plan they have. This can cause major problems.

Covered California's website can be confusing. If a box is checked in the wrong place, the entire account can freeze, or assign the wrong subsidy.

Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc. frequently make mistakes in billing or coordinating with Covered California and providers. 

People try to call Covered California or their insurance carrier,

but often the wait times are up to 30-60 minutes or longer.

We've helped thousands of people with New Applications,

update current accounts, get their information done correctly,

get frozen accounts fixed, and make the best plan selections.


We advocate for you!

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