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On the go?  Limited budget?

The Minimum Coverage Plan Matrix might work for you.

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If you have Renewed your plan for 2023, you can still designate us as your free certified agent

That way we'll be there for you anytime you need it in 2023 incase covered California makes a mistake on your account OR the insurance company messes up your invoice.

If you've already done your renewal, we would be privileged if you assign us as your Certified Agent for 2023 It's easy and FREE to add us to your Covered California plan. From then on, we'll be here for you if issues come up.

When you designate us as your Certified Agent we check to make sure your renewal information is being processed correctly. We make new suggestions if necessary. And we offer guidance to lower your cost if possible. 

It's a simple process to assign us as your Certified Agent to be there as your back up support team.

New applications

Let us help you in 2017 with your new Covered California account.

If you need a new Covered California plan give us a call.

We will help you with the application, explain the different plans and options to help you find the best minimum coverage health insurance plan for your situation.

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Are you under 30?

call us to determine which plan fits your needs and lifestyle 

Minimum coverage low-cost plans help pay for 3 doctor visits/year, pharmacy, ER, hospitals, and other health services in case of a serious and expensive medical emergency. Give us a call to check out your options for plans that fit your lifestyle. 

If you're an active young adult

A minimum coverage plan may be what you're looking for.

Minimum coverage plans are available to people who are under age 30. Some people over 30 may qualify for a minimum coverage plan if they lack affordable
coverage or are experiencing other hardship.

Consumers will have to pay the full cost of most other services until they reach their annual out-of-pocket maximum.

Covered California Minimum Coverage to Age 30