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CCA reps can not give IRS advice. We recommend that you speak with your tax advisor to make sure you are using the correct IRS forms for your health insurance reporting.

​Covered California representatives are not authorized to speak with consumers about IRS guidelines, other than to give general information.

​It is always advisable to seek professional assistance with filing your taxes and for IRS guidelines that may apply to your personal situation.

Go to for more information about these forms

The IRS has two new forms that people with a Covered California plan will need to file with your taxes.

It is important you understand the IRS rules and guidelines for IRS Form 1095-A.

Covered California will send members with Covered California health plans information about IRS Forms 1095-A.

NOTE: Information about IRS reporting, forms, or links to IRS forms is for your general use and is not meant to convey tax or legal advice. We advise clients to talk with their Accountant, CPA, Legal Adviser, or the professional that helps prepare your tax return.

Important Facts About IRS Form 1095-A