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You don't qualify for a covered california federal premium subsidy

We will help you find the best "on or off Exchange" plan available in your area.


We show you what to do, where to go, and how to get a plan.

Our mission is to save you money, streamline the process to make it easy, and leave you feeling great about our services, and how well you were treated

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"Dan Kessler was instrumental in getting my family's insurance needs in order and helped me change policies from one company to another. I truly appreciated how he explained everything in detail.

Dan made for a easy transition to buy my policy direct from the insurance company. He took time to teach my wife and I about our options, compared the top plans for us, and thoroughly explained the different policies so we could make educated decisions.

I would recommend Dan to anyone looking to purchase a plan in the off exchange marketplace."

Ron Johnson

Northern California

There is absolutely no extra cost added to your premium when you use our service to help your purchase a plan direct from the insurance carrier.

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If your adjusted gross income is above the Covered CA limits we can help you.

There are several advantages to getting a plan "on the Covered CA Exchange.

OR we can help you apply direct to a carrier- this is called an "off Exchange Plan."

You have two choices:

1. Purchase through Covered California.

2. Purchase direct from the insurance carrier*.

1. If you set-up a Covered California account, you receive no Federal Subsidy, and are entered into the government data base.   

Covered California requires documentation, requests proof of citizenship, and checks your personal details, taxes and financial information with the IRS, and other government data bases.

2. *If you don't qualify for a Federal Subsidy, it is far easier and less intrusive for us to help you purchase an "Off-Exchange Plan" direct from the insurance company of your choice. Quick online applications, no extensive personal financial information, no IRS tax return reviews, and no annual reporting requirements. 

when income is above

covered california  limits

do you have questions?

We listen and pay attention to your specific situation and health insurance needs.

WE're here for you

Receive friendly customer service

and help with your application.

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We evaluate your needs and make recommendations.

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Click Here to Read the Covered California Fact Sheet

 "Off Exchange Plans" are in the same metal tiers as "On Exchange Plans."  They are guaranteed issue for everyone regardless of medical conditions.

"We called other agents but they didn't seem to know the health insurance market like Dan did. We were coming off Cobra and Dan helped us find a fantastic plan at the best cost basis possible. He explained the plan benefits and went over the doctor and medical choices. He truly knows what he is talking about and saved us a lot of money."  ~~ David and Julia, Marin County

to determine if your income

is above the limits read the

Covered CAlifornia Fact sheet

we show you the top "off exchange" health insurance plans in your area. we explain benefits, costs, and help you with the application.

We listen to your needs and concerns and make the process

as easy as possible.

"Off Exchange Plans" have easy applications. They don't ask about your job, request extensive details, or check financial information with the IRS. They don't ask medical questions or pharmacy history.

helping you is our priority.

​Your satisfaction is our mission.

Give us a call to discuss your health insurance needs. We are honored

to assist you in selecting the best

"Off Exchange Plan" for your situation.

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all top Insurance carriers have "Off Exchange" health insurance Plans.

plans come in the same four tiers as Covered CAlifornia.

Most carriers secure your application with a credit card, debit card, or online check 

for the 1st month premium.

They will bill you monthly. You can change billing methods anytime with a simple phone call to your insurance carrier.

Save time and hassle.

We will help you with every

step of your application.

Together we discuss which plan is best for your situation.

Then we will work to complete the application online.

Or we can email you a direct link to the insurance carrier's website to fill out their application. Also we can email you an application for you to complete and mail in. 

It's FREE to assign US as your certified agent to help you purchase an "Off Exchange plan."