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Life Insurance is a Balance Between Vision and Budget

By Dan Kessler  

Getting a low cost life insurance policy usually comes down to a person’s philosophy about life.

No one needs it. It’s a personal decision about family possibilities for the unknown. The choice to get it, or not, and how much, is often a balance between vision, goals, ideals and budget.

Life insurance is about the least enjoyable subject to talk about. No one wants to even think about it. But we all know stuff happens in this Universe, sometimes out of left field to the most positive good people.

When someone dies unexpectedly, our friends and extended family eventually ask financial questions, such as: “How’s the family going to pay bills?” “Will they lose the house?” “What happens to their business?” “Did they have life insurance?” “How much?” OR if sudden responsibility falls to grandparents, the question becomes, “How are they going to afford raising grandkids?”

I’ve done calculations many ways for families of different incomes, backgrounds and desires. The decision about how much life insurance to get comes down to your vision, and asking this one important question: “What kind of lifestyle do I want for my family if I’m not here?”

I invite you to close your eyes in creative visualization and ponder several forward thinking questions? “What do I truly want for my spouse, partner, kids, or grandkids?” “Will they have enough money to live a good life?” And what about you? If you’re a two income home and your other half died, “What lifestyle do you want for yourself and family?”

Families get low cost term life insurance because it’s an affordable way to give financial protection to the ones you love. Spouses and partners protect each other. Business owners protect their company. Grandparents get policies on their adult kids with children, to protect their retirement years.

The key is to lock in rates today that stay low for 10, 20 or 30 years. Rates are based on age and health. To determine how much: Take your annual income- divide it by 3%-5%. That gives an idea for how much life insurance it takes to replace income. For your beneficiaries, financial planners advise to invest life insurance benefits safely to generate consistent annual income they can count on.

Most people who purchase life insurance never use it. They get it for the "just in case" situations that can occur. Here's a couple examples of two different families, and how life insurance impacted their lives.

Janice and Steve were referred to me. They were early 30s, with two young kids. Janice wanted Steve to get a $500,000 life insurance policy for both of them. The cost was $17 each. We had a phone conference. Steve didn’t want it. I heard her say, “We easily blow $34 bucks on lunch and Starbucks. What’s the big deal?” He’d reply, “Life insurance is a waste of money,” “I don’t believe in it!” A week later Janice called back saying Steve finally agreed.

Six years later they were hit by a drunk driver. Steve was killed. Janice survived, but was disabled. It took 18 months for her to heal and get back to work. Thank God for their life insurance. She had enough money to pay bills, keep their house, and hire helpers. Between her job and life insurance her family carried on.

In another situation, Rick and Marilyn were mid 40s. He was athletic, self employed, earning $135,000/year. They had old $50,000 policies, which seemed like a lot when they were young. Marilyn wanted new policies to protect them for today’s economy. Rick could easily afford them. But one thing led to another. He delayed. They never got around to it.

About a year later Rick was playing Frisbee at the beach in shallow water. His son went too far and got caught in a rip tide. Rick swam out in the cold water to help. All of a sudden Rick collapsed- Instant hypothermia. He went into a coma and died two days later. It was a horrible freak tragedy. Marilyn burned through the $50,000 and their savings. She lost her house, and has spent many difficult years in hardship.

We can’t predict the future. But we can own our vision. And prepare as best as possible. Steve and Janice chose family protection. They threw away $34 bucks a month for a cheap policy that ended up saving the day. Rick lived a great life, but then ignored foresight to truly protect Marilyn and his family.

I invite you to imagine and discover what your dreams are for loved ones. Low cost term life insurance is an inexpensive way to guarantee your spouse, partner, business or family is financially intact. It’s a practical and sensible financial investment that you make now, so in case you’re not here, all the hopes, desires, and aspirations you have for your family can be realized.

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